Thailand’s top five province statistics for traffic accidents in year 2020

    Traffic accidents can happen any time, everywhere, and every day which cannot be foreseen in advance. According to statistics, almost 40,000 people have died as a result of vehicle accidents. Motorcyclists who ride without a helmet are the most likely to die in traffic accidents, accounting for 74% of all fatalities. I would list the top five provinces in Thailand in regarding traffic accidents in year 2020 as follows:

      1. Rayong

Rayong is one of the provinces in Thailand which are on the first ranked in the traffic accidents in 2020. Not only has the accidental rate in this province increased in the last two years, but it remains high until now. Approximately 461 people died in car accidents in 2020, according to statistics. Unfortunately, about 86.56 percent of motorcycle riders do not wear helmets, it was the car that was involved in the most accidents. However, the population of Rayong is growing every year since there are many interesting travel destinations that attract consumers, such as Koh Samed, The Botanic Garden, and others.

      2. Nakhon Nayok

It is one of the provinces recognized for its tourist sector since it has many interesting locations to visit such as waterfalls, Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam, and others that you should not miss when visiting Thailand. However, there are many traffic accidents during the festival season, such as Somgkarn, or the New Year’s event. However, the province’s governor is working with the Road Accident Prevention and Reduction Action Center to lower the number of accidents in Nakhon Nayok

      3. Chanthaburi

There are many travel locations which are interesting and you should come such as Nang Phaya View Point which is located on Chalerm Burapha Chollathit Road, Kung Krabaen Bay Nature Center, NamtokPhlio National Park, and others. However, by 2020, Chanthaburi would be ranked third in terms of road accidents. Although there is an accident reduction effort among drivers and the general public in Chanthaburi, you must also be conscious of driving a car in order to keep your life and property safe.


      4. Chonburi

It is one of the provinces in Thailand that are not far away from Bangkok meaning that it is conveniently traveling at Chonburi and there are many travel locations available. The most well-known for both Thai and foreign visitors is Pattaya, where many people come to enjoy the delicious seafood. If you intend to visit Chonburi, I strongly advise you to drive cautiously and be aware of pickup trucks and ten-wheeled vehicles.

      5. Chainat

It is one of the five provinces in Thailand with the highest number of road accidents in 2020. You must drive cautiously and always wear your seat belt since it is a tool that may help you prevent losses and accidents. However, there are other accessible tourist destinations that you should not miss, like Chainat Bird Park, Chao Phraya Dam, and others.

These are Thailand’s top five provinces with the highest rate of road accidents in 2020. Before entering Thailand to travel, I strongly advise you to acquire travel insurance Thailand, particularly from Rabbit Care, since the insurer will cover the costs of any accident, injuries, loss of documentation, and other mishaps that occur while visiting the five provinces listed above. The duration, sum insured, and premium may all be tailored to your specific needs. More information may be found at